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Do You want to be Unstoppable?

In 1 hour, learn the Secret to Winning in Life … based on the The Art of War.

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Are You Tired of Losing at School, Work, Sports and Life?

- So far, everything has been a struggle for you.

- Your job isn’t satisfying.

- You wonder if you’ll ever get the recognition you deserve. 

For Over 2500 Years, This Book Has Transformed
Average Men into Heroes –

And Now, It’s Available as an Easy-to-Read Comic.

Easy to read:

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Easy to understand:

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Easy to remember:

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The Art of War Comic is your guide to how to win in life. The book has been quoted in movies (Wall Street), by musicians, business executives, gamers and athletes. Everybody who’s anybody has read The Art of War and taken its lessons to heart. Now, it’s your turn. 

- Easy to read with illustrations from business, politics, gaming, sports, even SWAT teams….

- Plus, the comic makes reading fast … 1 hour, instead of 20 hours for the regular book.

- And the visual format helps you remember strategies longer.

"SmarterComics portrayed Sun Tzu's The Art of War perfectly. There have been several comic versions of this Chinese classic over the years, but none of those comes close to being relevant for competition and dealing with life's many problems as the version published by SmarterComics. Bravo!"

Thomas Huynh, CEO and Founder of
(America's #1 expert on The Art of War) 


This is not a Regular eBook - it's Your Express Ticket to Winning!

Imagine spending weeks in the library or bookstore learning the "secret" to winning any conflict ... when in fact, you could have it all with this comic book. In one hour, you could learn The Art of War with this comic version. 

With the comic book, you also get the studio-created audibook in MP3 format. Forget 10 hours or more listening ... this is a laser focused audiook you can also enjoy in less than 1 hour.

Are you excited about your new kick-ass future?

Now it's your turn to act.

Download The Art of War PDF and Audiobook MP3

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  • eBook: 60 illustrated pages in full color! In PDF format. 
    Read it on your computer (Windows/Mac), iPhone, iPad or Android. 
  • Audiobook: Studio-created MP3 audiobook. Forget about a boring 10-hour MP3 file. You’ll hear everything you need to know in less than one hour.

Free bonus:

  • Skill-sharpening 10-question quiz with answers. Master your skills!
Audiobook sample:

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